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Borehole Drilling

ssdh2Drilling boreholes to provide water supplies is the specialization of Sub Saharan Drilling.

Sub Saharan Drilling has the expertise and technical capability to drill water wells to depths of up to 450 metres and can complete the well in diameters ranging from 100mm (4 inches) to 1000mm (40 inches).

Sub Saharan Drilling has the ability to provide water wells for domestic water supply for rural dwellers, farm wells and irrigation supplies, and a huge range of commercial water-supply applications from monasteries, to hospitals and golf courses.

Sub Saharan Drilling offers a one-stop water well solution to their clients from survey to drilling to final installation and commissioning. Our vast experience in water well installations and our enviable customer service reputation has established Sub Saharan Drilling as one of the leading water well provider companies in Sub Saharan Africa.

As water becomes an even more precious commodity and prices rise exponentially, there has never been a better time to have your own water supply installed. The advantages are significant, notwithstanding the convenience of having an unlimited supply of water at a constant pressure, day or night.

Many of our installations have paid for themselves in a very short period of time and continue to accumulate savings as the years pass.

Sub Saharan Drilling also offer a free, no-obligation estimating service for those interested in acquiring their own water well supply. Simply call us on +256793036679 or fill out a request on our contact us page and our customer service advisor will get in touch with your to arrange a survey of your property to see if you could benefit from your own water supply.